Womanizer Starlet Review


Are you searching for the perfect way to enjoy intense orgasms during your free time? Well, the Starlet is a mini version of the Womanizer, and it can even fit in your handbag. To be specific, the startlet sucks and stimulates by using special air pressure technology.


As a result, a user can enjoy unique and pulsating pressure waves when enjoying sexual encounters. Overstimulation and discomfort are issues of the past when you have this unit. It comes with special technology that does well to provide a comfortable user experience.

Patented Pleasure Air Technology

The special air technology does well to deliver pulsating waves to the vagina. In particular, this unit comes with a unique patented air technology, that can deliver orgasms in as little as 60 seconds. It is also highly efficient and smooth in operation as well. It also has a splashproof structure, which means you can use it during showers.

Combines suction and vibration

Besides that, the Womanizer Starlet also does well to combine gentle suction and vibration to provide mind-blowing orgasms. Unlike most sex toys that only provide vibrations, this unit provides the best of both worlds. The suction power combined with the unique guarantee a wild ride each time.

Single button for vibration control

Equipped with a single button, this best sex toy for women is also convenient to use. The unique single button lets you move through the six vibration levels with ease. These levels start from gentle to deep, with the latter being the highest level of vibration.


• This unit has a splash proof design
• It is also simple to recharge via USB
• The silicone cap is removable for easy cleaning


• It takes time to customize the suction power to suit your needs


Overall, the womanizer starlet is an excellent way for a lady to enjoy deep and unique orgasms. Unlike most sex toys, this unit does well to combine powerful suction power and vibrations for a wild ride. More so, it is also splash proof, and it features a detachable silicone cap for convenient cleaning.