What dating sites are completely free?

While online dating can be an effective way of meeting new people, there are several notable shortcomings. Foremost, it can be pretty challenging to locate people who live nearby. This happens even with the most significant dating sites with great membership bases.

However, free dating sites are solely responsible for transforming the face of dating as we are all aware. Dating sites offer you a chance to forget about the loneliness and meet single people around you or far away as long as you have the required devices.

Below are excellent examples popular free dating sites;

1. OkCupid

This is one famous site; you can pay or opt not to pay for the services. With various levels of membership, you automatically become a standard member when you sign up. However, to begin using this site, you require filling a basic profile.


You will also be required to take some tests in the form of questions to examine your compatibility. In case your responses are close to a suitable partner, then you will have an excellent match for yourself. The free service is different from the other paid services which for instance use automated methods like picture cropping and flagging.

2. PlentyofFish.com

This free site to meet local singles can be classified as one of the most successful platforms earning over 10 million dollars annually. The earnings are accumulated through free memberships and Google ads.

It’s proclaimed that this site is a site where approximately 800,000 contacts are formed yearly. The free services offer members weekly matches through Emails and also enable chatting via instant messaging.

3. Mywolfbook

Mywolfbook is another famous dating site which offers people a chance to contact someone that they love or admire. Through the website, one can exchange pictures and videos as well as post comments. Better still, one can take quizzes if they wish. The desirable part of the networking experience is posting comments on other peoples profiles.

4. BookofMatches

This site prioritizes members’ privacy by providing outstanding quality services. Due to this, the website has come up with a “Quality membership score” for all members. This helps in evaluating the features and services provided in the site.


Quality membership scores range between zero and a hundred and are visible to all other members. Privacy is of the essence in this site, as each member has a chance to set their privacy by themselves.

5. SmutVibes

SmutVives is an exceptional dating site that gives members all they need in a dating site. It’s full of nude pictures and is an ideal place to hold uncensored conversations regarding sex. Members can chat privately, comment on other peoples profiles, upload photos and many more.

The exciting part is that explicit pictures are encouraged. However, it’s not allowed for people below the ages of 18 years.

With free dating sites, you can get what you need. However, with numerous options, you require to study each free service to the excellent place which offers what you are looking for.