Le Wand Petite Review

The Le Wand Petite Vibrating Massager is perfect for delivering intense and sensual pleasure. It comes with as many as ten distinct and rumbly vibration speeds. More so the powerful and penetration pleasure that this unit can provide is evident in the high quality of design. The complete set features a unique body safe silicone head and convenient travel for user convenience.


Great vibration range and quiet motor

Perhaps one of the most notable features of the Le Want Petite Massager is that it offers various types of vibration levels. Users can easily customize the vibration levels to suit their unique pleasure needs. Besides that, the powerful motor is also silent in operation, and it is controlled by ten clicks through speeds.

Le Wand Petite

Luxurious and powerful massager

Designed to be both powerful and luxurious, the Le Wand Petite lets you enjoy yourself with style. In fact, it features ten distinctive vibration speeds, that can reach up to 6,000 RPM. As a result, users can enjoy powerful and deep penetrating vibration each time

Rechargeable and plug play

Moreover, this wand also has a rechargeable battery, that provides several hours of reliable power. The entire set also comes with two universal chargers for convenience. Thanks to the unique plug and play capabilities of this unit, users can be sure of a hassle free experience each time.

• The le petite wand has a great range of vibration
• It also allows for plug and play capabilities
• The wand features unique ten click through speeds
• The motor is silent in operation

• The battery requires charging at some point


To sum it all up, taking good care of body as well as well being should be an essential priority and habit. Consider this Le Wand Petite review as the perfect way to start enjoying yourself during your free time. The wand is powerful, and the motor is silent in operation. More so, the unique design and structure of the wand make it ideal for long delivering intense orgasms to the user.