Peace, Love, Family, Friends
Ehre Sei Gott In Der
Hohe, Friede Auf Erden 
Und Den Menschen 
Ein Wohlgefallen
Glory to God in the Highest
Peace on Earth
Goodwill Towards Men

The Family Photograph Album
The Families Rechner, Böttger
Seiss, and Reisland

    This page contains links to photographs of the family of Karl Fredrick Rechner and his wife, Lydia Ernestina Carlina Böttger, and their children. Karl Rechner was from Neustadt an der Orla, and Lydia Böttger was from Königsee, both towns are in Thuringia (Thüringen) Germany (Deutschland) near the town of Rudolstadt. Karl and Lydia, and their children, Gertrude, Carl, and Louise, came to America in 1908. Their last child, Angeline, was born in Los Angeles California.
    We are lacking photographs of some of the direct ancestors, however we have occasionally included photographs of some very close kin. As time allows, we will add to this project. You may need to use your browser’s return button when you visit the photographs. Note that on some of the photographs, you will need to scroll down.
    No copyright is claimed on any photograph. Save these graphic files on a disk. This site won’t be here forever! These photos are from my collection.

Fred Smoot

Modern Germany Map

Detail German Map

Also See a Modern Map
Deutschland, 1871-1918. 72k

Table of Contents

Photographs from Deutschland and California

Karl Rechner and Lydia Böttger
     Karl Rechner and Lydia Böttger, Deutschland.      46k
     (Wedding Bells)

Their Children

Gertrude C. Trudi Rechner
     Trudi’s Family:
     Karl, Herb, and Fred Schauer. California. 34k

Carl Frederick Rechner

Louise Rechner:
     Louise Lisa Rechner and Russell Cottam. California. 28k
     (Wedding Bells)
     Louise Rechner Cottam and her Twin Daughters. California. 31k
     (After the Wedding)

     The Love of Horses
     Louise Rechner and Russell Cottam, 1938. 60k
     (Old Spanish Days Fiesta, Santa Barbara - photo at their home in Montecito)
     Louise Rechner Cottam. 45k

Angeline Rechner:
     Angeline Peggy Rechner, 19k
     (Wife of Marvin Smoot, Mother of Fred Smoot)
     Marvin Smoot and Russell Cottam, 60k

The Rechner Sisters
     Peggy, Trudi and Lisa. California. 45k

The Grandparents

     Lydia Böttger’s Parents:
     Fredrick Böttger and his wife, Louise Reisland. Deutschland. 30k

     Karl Fredrick Rechner’s Parents:
     Franz Rechner, Minna Seiss. (No photographs available.)

Scenes From Deutschland

     Home of Karl Fredrick Rechner. Neustadt, Thüringen. 46k
     Home of Fredrick Böttger. Königsee. 47k
     Home and Store of Karl Böttger. Königsee. 63k
     Karl Böttger in Uniform. 78k
     Königsee, Deutschland. 85k
        Panoramic View, ca.1890
     A Factory in Deutschland. 41k
     Detail from Above Photo 32k
        Karl Rechner in the Suit, Carl Weber in the Vest
     Adolph Abicht in the German Army, pre 1914. 144k
        The soldier with the X mark is Adolph Abicht, husband of Frieda Böttger

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