Fred Smoot and Patty Smoot

The Family Photograph Album
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Fred and Patty Sokolecki Smoot
         Wedding Day, 23 April 1995, (25k)

         Fred Smoot in His Trail Ridin’ Days, 1944, (69k)

The Children of Fred Smoot
         Elizabeth Kara Smoot, (15k)
         Kristina Louise Smoot
         Erick Castle Smoot, (30k)
         Erick Castle Smoot, 2005 (18k)

The Parents of Fred Smoot
         Marvin Merle Smoot, (21k)
         Angeline Peggy Rechner, (19k)

The Parents of Patty Sokolecki Smoot
         Max Sokolecki
         Ruth Grau

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