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The Family Photograph Album

       This page contains links to photographs of the family of John William Herbert Smoot and his wife, Zoe Jane Norman, including their ancestors and their children. We are lacking photographs of some of the direct ancestors, however we have occasionally included photographs of some very close kin. As time allows, we will add to this project. Near the bottom of this page is the family tree of Fred Smoot. Hopefully, this will be helpful to you sort to out the various relationships.

You will need to use your browser’s return button when you visit the photographs. Note that on some of the photographs, you will need to scroll down.
       No copyright is claimed on any photograph. Save these graphic files on a disk. This site won’t be here forever! These photos are from my collection and the collections of various family members, but mostly my first cousins, Joanne McCormick, Lynda Meyer, and Mary Reynolds.
Fred Smoot

Table of Contents

Smoot & Baker Families
Photographs from Tennessee, Missouri and California

Four Generations, 36k
John Wm Herbert “Bert” Smoot & Zoe Jane Norman, 32k
       A string of puppies
Zoe & Bert 48k
Zoe Jane Norman 30k

The Children of Bert & Zoe Smoot
Ethel Mae Smoot, 34k
       Wife of John Arnold Lossman
Marvin Merle Smoot, 21k
       Husband of Angeline “Peggy” Rechner. Peggy at Featherhill Ranch, 1930s.
Stanley Norman Smoot
Marion Claire Smoot
Frederick Herbert Smoot
Virginia Smoot & Lester Clemons 35k
       Wedding Day
Martha Ethel Smoot,48k
       Sister of Bert Smoot
       Unmarried. Died by suicide.

Mary Agnes Baker 26k
Wife of Isaac Anderson Smoot, mother of Bert Smoot

       We have no photograph of Isaac Anderson Smoot. He abandoned his wife Mary and their two children in Kansas and he then returned to his original home in Warren County Tennessee, telling his Tennessee family that his wife and children died in Kansas. Later he married Francis Barton in Coffee County Tennessee. About 1899, he moved to Dallas Texas. According to family tradition, Isaac died there in 1918 during the great and tragic Influenza epidemic.

No divorce record for Isaac and Mary has been found.

John Stanley Baker, 28k
       Husband of Martha Meanor Palmer, grandfather of Bert Smoot
Martha Meanor Palmer, 16k
       Wife of John Stanley Baker, grandmother of Bert Smoot
A Day at the Park.
       “Grandma” Martha Meanor Palmer Baker; “Mother Ellen M. Evans; Child Marion Maywin Evans” (on the donkey). Large image, 330k

Norman & Cook Families
       Photographs from Alabama and California

Felix Grundy Norman Sr & Jane Lavina Cook, 25k
       Photographs from a Tuscumbia Alabama Newspaper
Jane Lavina Cook, wife of Felix G. Norman Sr, 28k
A tintype from the Norman family, 22k
       Could this be Jane Lavina Cook or a daughter?
Norman Town Home, Tuscumbia Alabama, ca 1880, 35k
Felix Grundy Norman Jr, ca1874, 14k
Felix Grundy Norman Jr, & Laura Dell Phares, ca1884, 38k
       Their wedding photograph?
Felix Grundy Norman Jr, & family, ca1930s, 40k
       At the Norman plantation near the Tennessee River, Alabama

Phares & Kalar Families
Photographs from West Virginia and California

Harriet Jane Kalar & Sisters, 32k
       Photograph probably from Randolph County West Virginia
Jasper Kalar & Mary Channel 99k
       Jasper Kalar, brother to Harriet Jane Kalar. Photograph from West Virginia
Jacob Kalar House 48k
       Same house as above link. Photograph from West Virginia
Howard Kalar & Effie Young in West Virginia, 61k
John M. Phares & Sydney Ann Rennix, 60k
Harriet L. Kalar, 59k
Jasper Phares and Harriet Jane Kalar in Salinas, 52k
Jasper Phares & Harriet Jane Kalar Home, Salinas California, ca1893, 27k
Detail from the photograph of the Phares Home, Salinas 24k

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