Patty Sokolecki-Smoot 

Sausalito, CA                                                                                        

C# 415-519-4844


Artist Statement

Our minds  translate what we see and so our perception of things are not literal. Our mind simply distorts reality.

The use of my panoramic camera allows me to more deeply enter the world of the abstract and capture the essence

of  the subject to transcend the paradox between reality and the mind’s eye.


               Sometimes I think my photographs are made by luck and being in the right place and other times,

                        I rather think it's a gift from the angels, watching me enjoy a piece of heaven.


Equipment: Japanese 35mm Widelux Panoramic 140 degree Cameras,  35mm film cameras, and Digital Cameras.


Exhibitions, Publications, Volunteering, Memberships

Dec  2008    Juried show at O'Hanlon Gallery, Mill Valley, California

Sept 2008    Volunteering. I photograph school children doing art in Mill Valley Public Schools for KIDDO’s   website.

                       KIDDO makes it possible for children in Mill Valley to be taught art and music in their public schools.

June 2006   Susan Fan Brown and I created “Two Gals Publishing” and we published a postcard book with photographs

       of the children’s chalk drawings, created at the Italian Street Painting Festival. YOUTH IN ARTS is an 

       organization that provides arts education for over 30,000 children each year.

June 2002    I was selected by the Art Faculty of Merced College Art Gallery for a Solo Exhibition of 20 panoramic


Jan   2002    Avatar’s, Sausalito, Solo Exhibition of 16 photographs

1990-1998   Professional Membership with San Francisco Women’s Artists

1990-1998   Professional Exhibitions at San Francisco Women’s Artists

1995-2008   Professional  Organization of artists that meet quarterly to discuss the arts.

1970-1972   Brooklyn College, Brooklyn New York.





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