Martha Baker, Eleanor 
Peter Baker Family

Peter Baker of Indiana County Pennsylvania was apparently married twice. It is probable that two children, James and Catherine, were born of the first wife, and two other children, Elizabeth and John Stanley, were born of the second wife.

Gem Family Photographs
John S. Baker Family
John Stanley Baker, 1832-1905
   Gravemarker of John Stanley Baker †
Martha Meanor Palmer Baker, 1833-1928
   Gravemarker of Martha M. Baker †
Mary Agnes Baker, 1860-1938
Mary Agnes Baker Smoot
   Gravemarker of Mary A. /Baker/Smoot †
Martha M. Baker & Eleanor Martha Baker Evans
   (With Marion Martha Evans on the donkey.)
   Gravemarker of Amy F. Baker †
   Gravemarker of John H. Baker †
   Gravemarker of Effie C. /Baker/ Kaill †
† Garden #2, Plot #726, Mt. Washington Forever Cemetery, Independence, Missouri.
   Gravemarker photographs by Jennifer Woods, 2005.

Gem Baker Family Group Records
Peter Baker and his first wife.
   James Baker and his wife Rebecca Campbell.
   Catherine Baker and her husband Joseph Campbell.
Peter Baker and his second wife.
   Elizabeth Baker (m. Craig?)
   John Stanley Baker & his wife, Martha Meanor Palmer

Gem Our Transcriptions at U.S. Data Repository
Bible of John Stanley Baker and Martha M. Palmer, Jackson Co, MO
Letter from Doris Russell, 1992
Pension (Affidavit) of James Baker, 1885
Affidavit of John S. Baker, 1887
Affidavit of Joseph Campbell, 1890
Affidavit of John S. Baker, 1890
Declaration for Widow’s Pension, 1890
Affidavit of John S. Baker, 1895


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